038-haydn-stevenson-stagedDo you want to get targeted organic traffic for your website and create positive engagement for your business?  Are you unsure how to use social media and viral content to your advantage?  Hours of video are uploaded to sites like YouTube every minute. Using it to advertise your business can help bring organic traffic to your website.

If you want to know more about creating laser-targeted organic traffic for your website then invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of Chaos Makes Sense where your host Kimberly Henrie interviews with Matt Frary, the CEO and “Chief of Chaos” from Smarter Chaos and special guest Haydn Stevenson, President and Co-founder of Staged.com.

What Is Social Engagement Marketing?

The episode begins with an overview of social engagement marketing. Matt shares that during this podcast, they’ll discuss why we get social online, the process for doing it, and the point of having a brand.

Then Haydn segues into what Staged.com is and what marketing solutions it offers. He also explains how combining online videos with social media can help you effectively drive a potentially endless stream of traffic to your site.

Haydn likens Staged to having an online television channel dedicated to using existing popular videos as adverts to drive free organic traffic to your website.

Then Haydn takes a couple of minutes to explain in layman’s terms how the software works. He goes on to list the social media networks that Staged uses, as well as the audience that the software will target. He also gives clear examples that put everything in perspective.

Staged can turn the time you already spend watching YouTube videos into a productive way to promote your business.

What Kind of Videos Can Fit My Niche?

Matt addresses the question of what kind of videos can fit into a certain niche. He uses Zulily, a popular kids’ clothing site as an example. Haydn efficiently outlines a three-part platform that Staged would use to find videos to help promote this unique niche.

After watching the video, most people will click on the ads surrounding it. Staged has found this to be an effective way to drive traffic.

Without having a brand, you would have a hard time creating a call to action to use with these videos to get free organic traffic.

The Mission of Staged.com

Then Haydn goes into the mission of Staged.com, which is to create, maintain, and constantly refine the best, most fun, and most user-friendly social media marketing platform in the world to positively empower and prosper all individuals and organizations that use it.

During the podcast Matt and Haydn also discuss these questions:

  • What kind of business website can benefit from Staged.com?
  • How complicated is it to use Staged.com’s platform?
  • What new features does Staged.com have planned for the future?
  • How did Haydn come up with the idea for Staged.com
  • What kind of traffic do Staged.com users get on their sites?

Could Staged.com Drive Free Organic Traffic to your Business Website?

Are you looking for an easy, affordable way to drive organic traffic to your site? Are you interested in using innovative platforms to give you an edge over your competition? Invest 20 minutes now to listen to this podcast, then come back and give us your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

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