LLC – Castle Rock, CO 12/4/19 – The Premier Affiliate Marketing and Online Performance Management Agency is pleased to announce the launch of our exclusive affiliate program with Ghost White.

Ghost White’s teeth whitening system contains everything you need to fill the gap in your oral care routine, and get that dazzling smile! They’ve designed a formula that contains safe-ingredients combined together to achieve maximum results. Ghost White whitens your teeth by removing stains produced by smoking, drinking coffee, wine, and soda. Unlike most whiteners, these stubborn stains are removed in minutes and new stains are prevented from reoccurring. Results are guaranteed and every customer receives a 5 year warranty.

Crafted with cutting-edge dental technology, the Ghost White kit is one of the best all-in-one teeth whitening kits currently available on the market. It comes with one compact mouthpiece with an LED-activated brightener that’s compatible with iPhone, Android and USB. LED whitening is completely safe, comfortable, and does not pose any teeth damaging risks. The kit also includes 3 serum wands that guarantee pearly whites in less than 30 days, noticeable after the first use. The serum is gentle and can be used on caps, veneers, braces, crowns, and bridges.

How to use:

STEP ONE: Brush your teeth

STEP TWO: Apply serum

STEP THREE: Plug the LED light into your phone and put the mouthpiece in

STEP FOUR: Rinse both the light and your mouth

Quit throwing away hundreds of dollars by visiting the dentist for glowing teeth that only fade over time. Using proprietary, enamel-safe ingredients, Ghost White provides a safe way for every self-conscious smiler to brighten their teeth immediately.