LLC – Castle Rock, CO 6/11/19 – The Premier Affiliate Marketing and Online Performance Management Agency is pleased to announce the launch of our exclusive affiliate program with Positive Parenting Solutions.

Positive Parenting Solutions is the worldwide leader in online parenting education for parents of toddlers to teens. They’ve helped over 75,000 families on 6 continents get their kids to listen without nagging, yelling or losing control. No matter what problem you’re facing, they’ve seen it, solved it and can help you do the same!

Before Amy McCready discovered positive parenting strategies, she used to lose her voice nearly every day from yelling. She never imagined she would turn into that mom – you know, the one who yells All. The. Time.

In 2000, Amy discovered the power of positive parenting strategies—she finally understood why yelling, nagging, and threatening don’t work as a parenting strategy. What she learned completely changed her family, and it can change yours, too.

After years of research, studying, getting certified in Positive Discipline, and seeing success in her own family, Amy knew she had to share these tools with other parents. Using her instructional expertise as a trainer for Fortune 500 companies, Amy created an entire curriculum to share her newfound knowledge with other families. And thus, the Positive Parenting Solutions course was born.

In 2004, Amy began teaching her course anywhere parents would listen—in churches, YMCAs, community centers, preschools, companies—all because she wanted to equip other parents with tools that actually work. Over the next 5 years, Amy refined and perfected her curriculum to ensure families were experiencing high levels of success. The feedback was so positive and the demand so great that she trained other instructors to teach the course in Raleigh and surrounding North Carolina cities.

However, even by adding instructors to her team, Amy still wasn’t able to meet the demand from parents. In 2008, Amy and her husband, Dave, embarked on a full-time journey to convert Amy’s successful classroom curriculum into an online course. After a year of planning and preparation, Positive Parenting Solutions launched their online course in 2009. By taking the course online, Amy is finally able to meet the demands from parents all over the world.