LLC – Castle Rock, CO 4/11/19 – The Premier Affiliate Marketing and Online Performance Management Agency is pleased to announce the launch of our exclusive affiliate program with MyCleanID.

MyCleanID offers protection against identity theft from all angles. It conceals where your phone number, email address, physical address and credit card information are stored on your computer and will perform a deep scan for usernames and passwords that are logged on your browser (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari). The software will also alert you when changes such as your name, address, or email address are made to your accounts (for example, utilities, cable, internet, etc.).

Changes to your credit profile may indicate early signs of identity theft. MyCleanID monitors your personal information continuously and alerts you about any new account inquiries, new account openings and more. It also detects fake identities and other financial crimes by looking for names and addresses associated with your social security number.

Getting started is simple. Just download the free diagnostic software and run a quick scan of your computer to identify unprotected personal information. If any malicious threats are detected, MyCleanID will alert you in real time to clean them before they cause harm. You can also set a cleaning schedule so you don’t have to remember to perform regular scans. With actual humans there to help you day or night, their US-based team is available 24/7 to tackle any identity theft issues.

MyCleanID charges $19.95 to activate the software to perform all of the featured tasks, as well as $19.99 per month for Identity Protection service.