7 Secrets of Successful Influencer Marketing CampaignsWelcome to the latest edition of the Chaos Makes Sense Podcast where Matt Frary, your Chief of Chaos, makes sense of the world of online performance marketing. Today, Matt is joined by Beth Lazar, CEO of the Pollen-8 Influencer Network to discuss the seven secrets of successful influencer marketing campaigns.

From One Stud to Another…

Matt has just returned from a trip to Kentucky where he met with a true influencer of the equine variety, American Pharoah. While visiting the stud farm where the Triple Crown winner “sows his royal oats” so to speak, Matt took the opportunity to jump in, put his arm around the $200,000,000 horse and snap a selfie. Now there’s something for your social media!

Beth doesn’t have time for that kind of horsing around. She’s the CEO of the Pollen-8 Influencer Network, as well as CTO and Chief of Strategy at SmarterChaos. Beth brings an MS in Information Systems, twenty-some years of experience in technology, sales and software development and most importantly, a passion for technology to her work. Whether she is helping her favorite charity (Colorado Animal Welfare League) or helping a business increase its revenue, Beth is always looking for ways to use technology to simplify and streamline processes.

Matt Frary visits with the legendary Triple Crown winner American Pharoah

Matt Frary visits with the legendary Triple Crown winner American Pharoah

However, Beth is a little distracted at the moment trying to track down her kid who’s trying to track down Pokémon. As a glued-to-her-screen techie, she was thrilled to discover that her glued-to-his-screen techie son had headed out at 8 o’clock in the morning to go for walk! Ever the analyst, Matt is looking forward to doing case study of the Pokémon GO phenomenon.

Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns…Not Your Father’s Digital Marketing

There’s been a power shift in the past couple of years. Gone are the days of simply offering a coupon code and expecting an influencer to post about your product. Major influencers, like the YouTubers who have over a million subscribers, aren’t going to give away their time or endorsements for nothing. Beth will describe how influencer marketing differs from pay for performance marketing and what influencers expect if they’re to become your product placement stars. Even big companies with huge digital strategy marketing teams like Nestle, are looking at influencers and how they can drive their brands.

However, even though Beth is an advocate of using influencer marketing, especially given the fact that, according to Reuters, about 47% of online users are using ad-blocking technology, she thinks advertiser should use multiple strategies to reach their customers. Influencer campaigns can be combined with affiliate marketing programs, social media to and other marketing channels. Use influencers to add credibility and to get people talking about your products.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

Along with stories of how a YouTuber can hold a 20-minute unboxing event that will drive a $10,000 sales spikes, Matt and Beth will discuss the seven secrets (secret no longer) to successful influencer marketing campaigns. Listen now as Beth explains:

  • How much advertisers should budget for an influencer post or video
  • How much time you’ll need to invest to build successful influencer marketing campaigns
  • What things (like review products) you should provide your influencers
  • How knowing your audience will help you optimize your influencer campaign
  • How influencers help you build your brand
  • How to integrate influencer marketing campaign with your affiliate programs, social media platforms and overall digital marketing strategy
  • Why you need to start your influencer campaign now

Where to Find Matt and Beth

If you’re interested in creating an influencer network or making sense of the chaos of online marketing, here’s how you can reach out to Matt or Beth or any the team at SmarterChaos: