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On March 9, 2017

SmarterChaos to Work With Personal Trainer Foods to Promote their Affiliate Program


SmarterChaos.com LLC – Castle Rock, CO — 03/09/17 — The Premier Affiliate Marketing and Online Performance Management Agency is pleased to announce that Personal Trainer Food has chosen to work with Rex Direct in partnership with SmarterChaos to promote their Personal Trainer Food Affiliate Program.

Weight loss is 90% food, 10% exercise.  Personal Trainer Food handles the 90%.  With Personal Trainer Food you can choose from over 75 restaurant quality menu items to create endless combinations of great tasting meals and snacks.

Joining is quick and easy.  Select a plan, choose the meals and snacks you want, the date you want your food to arrive and start losing weight!  Meals include delicious selections like Teriyaki Chicken, Apple and Gouda Sausage, Cheddar Omelet with Chicken Maple Cinnamon Sausage and more!

Join their affiliate program today and start promoting this awesome offer!

Pay Rate: 15% of sale
Allowed: Bloggers; Contextual; Display; Email; Free Products; Networks; Promo Codes; ReTargeting
Accepted Countries: US
Conversion Tracked Upon: Credit Card Submit
Payment Scheduling: When transactions lock
Action Locking: Actions lock 30 days after the end of the month
Click Referral Period: 30 days
Recurring Actions: Initial Order Only
Sample Landing Page: https://www.personaltrainerfooddelivery.com
Affiliate Program Sign Up: https://member.impactradius.com/agency-campaign-info/SmarterChaoscom.brand?c=5146

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