I’m so excited to announce a major inflection point in our growth!  We have always  wanted to create “The Biggest Little Agency in the World.”  We may have just done that…..

I’m proud to announce that our recent strategic alignment with one of the biggest local and national digital platforms in the United States, Digital First Media, is complete.

We have been building this agency now for more than 4 years with one singular focus in mind – drive our Advertisers more customers and more sales than they  could drive themselves……

We had to set up the foundation and the sound business practices first, then we could focus on additional service offerings.  Our plan was simple:

– Build the best practices in agency management

– Partner with the right clients and affect their business positively

– Hire the right people

– Deploy the best-of-breed technologies


– Measure, Measure, Measure and evolve

In order to accomplish that goal, we have had to provide a pig-headed focus on processes and building a scalable and repeatable organization.  We have thrived on building more than 10,000 major affiliate relationships in the industry, led movements towards compliance and best-practices in managing affiliate programs, and worked for more than 100 advertiser’s affiliate campaigns.  We have hired the top talent with the promise that we would all work together to be greater than the sum of our parts.  We feel that we have created a best-of-breed performance marketing agency, and now we need to make sure that we cover the other pieces of the marketing funnel as well.

Now that we have built the performance marketing channels, it became abundantly clear that we need to expand the parts of the marketing funnel so that we can affect the entire consumer journey.  After years of deliberation and searching for the right partner to scale, we have chosen to work with Digital First Media, the owner of the Denver Post, AdTaxi, and more than 60 other newspapers around the country.  Our partnership as an Affiliated Agency, provides our Advertisers and prospective Clients an unprecedented access to global ad inventory and multiple media channels to reach their consumer at the “zero moment of truth.”

SmarterChaos’ Client Service Offerings and unique approach to marketing funnel management combined with our partnership with Digital First Media and The Denver Post now creates a Super-Agency capable of the following:

  • Building the most scalable and responsive Affiliate Marketing Campaigns in the World
  • Demographically targeted ads that can reach more than 10-15 Billion Impressions Daily
  • Behavioral targeting to find the right Client using data sources such as Lotame, BlueKai, Exelate, and DataLogix
  • Retargeting across social networks, ad exchanges, and email campaigns
  • Paid Search Engine Management as 1 of only 20 Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners
  • Experience from more than 3600 local and national campaigns from which we can transfer learnings

This is just another great step in our evolution, and I’m humbled to be surrounded by the people that make this happen everyday.  If we can serve you and help drive your online marketing, we would appreciate that you reach out to see how our partnership and our agency can benefit your business.

Here’s to another day in this business, another rung on the ladder, and hopefully here’s to YOUR success!



Chief of Chaos, Matt Frary


TWITTER:  @chiefofchaos or @smarterchaos

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/smarterchaos


If you are interested in discussing more, please reach out to Corey Dyben or corey@smarterchaos.com