SmarterChaos Advertisers! has invested in building proprietary technology to innovate Affiliate Management and Digital Marketing. We manage Affiliate better
Yep, we are doing it again and its all for you. Check out what we have been up to behind the scenes.

SmarterChaos is building its own technology called AutomaticChaos to make recruiting for your campaigns faster and better, we have purchased software that identifies 100,000s of blogs in different niches, we have re-launched our influencer platform, we have doubled down on our internal traffic and female network through SheIsMedia and we have invested in automating tasks in ImpactRadius/PepperJam/Affiliate Window/LinkConnector/ShareASale more and more so that we spend more time on building your business than we do reporting and approving affiliates.


We have come a LONG way but as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg likes to say, we are only 2% of the way there.

The future is automation of tasks in your accounts so that we can get back to STRATEGY, PLANNING, RECRUITMENT. I’m very happy with the progress and what we have chosen to invest in and I hope you are starting to experience our bet on technology.

Affiliate Management and Digital Marketing

SmarterChaos automates Digital Marketing and Affiliate Management.

Another major bet in our Affiliate Management technology is our reliance on ImpactRadius and their continuous improvements via our feedback. We are the only agency using their UCT (Universal Container Tag) technology to provide you the option to use their Tag Manager, their Partner Manager, and their Media Manager. We have a direct line to their the Product Team at ImpactRadius, and we’ve been collaborating to bring you the tools needed to run a successful performance marketing campaign.
In short, we are pushing the technology for you to do what we need it to do and we’ll continue to innovate alongside ImpactRadius.
Several recent wins on your behalf are opening up a Mass Insertion Order push API, getting changes in the Insertion Orders for easier partnering/terms, and getting changes in the UCT code to make it easier to implement. Those are just a few. Our Operations team is working with ImpactRadius daily with tickets in for every single product feature that we need to keep your programs running smoothly.  We are using the ImpactRadius platform and our own technology to make Affiliate Management and Digital Marketing easier.

Other services in addition to Affiliate Management

In addition to technology, we have also added the following capabilities and are having massive success with:

– Paid Search
– Social Media
– Influencer Marketing
– Re-Targeting and Re-engagement
– Email Marketing/Internal Email Management

If you have ANY questions about the value SmarterChaos is bringing, please reach out to me and I can provide deeper detail. We are so excited this year to grow your program and continue working with you.