LLC – Castle Rock, CO — 01/15/16 — The Premier Digital Performance Marketing Agency is pleased to announce a new offering to Clients including affiliate marketing, search marketing, social marketing, re-targeting, re-engagement, mobile installs, pay per call, and all other forms of digital marketing.  In combination with ImpactRadius tracking and attribution, along with the experience that comes with running more than 150+ successful performance marketing campaigns,  SmarterChaos announces these capabilities and growth into new channels to enhance their product offering and to provide all-inclusive services for its Clients.  SmarterChaos has launched a brand-new site, and a re-branding of the popular performance agency.

The Making of a Much Larger Agency

What happens when you cross a bunch of affiliate marketers with a bunch of search, social, and media buyers? That’s right, you absolutely DOMINATE online marketing. Enter

For the last 6 years has been the chosen Affiliate Management Agency for major brands such as CBS, DollarShaveClub, Nationwide Insurance, Meredith Magazines, BeachMint, and many many more. Our hyper-focus has been to be the Outsourced Program Manager for these brands and to drive profitable sales and leads through affiliate marketing. As we started to dive into these projects, we always have the same challenges as well as opportunities:

How do you build an affiliate channel in concert with all other marketing efforts across the organization?

How do you attribute incremental sales to one channel over another, and how can you decide the actual Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by channel?

How can you leverage experience from one channel to add value to the others?

We have been running into these questions for our Clients over and over again as we focused only on Affiliate Management.  Today we have the experience and technology to broaden our scope and to drive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our Clients across every channel where their ideal targeted user exists.  We have found out that it is very important to build an integrated marketing channel approach and to drive this using common metrics and measurement.  The old way of creating silos for affiliate marketing, search, social, mobile and more simply does not work.


Do you remember in the movie Swingers from the 1990’s where they finally realized their friend is all “growns up?”  We’d like to celebrate similiarly:

Why You Must Consider a Multi-Channel Performance Agency and NOT Just Another OPM

SmarterChaos has always strayed away from the term “OPM” or Outsourced Program Manager, but that is because we always did things a little differently than everyone else.  We have used multiple networks, one-tracking dashboard, and pro-active partner outreach to build affiliate channels.  But recently we realized that isn’t enough.

Standard OPMs will sign you up with the Affiliate Network that they are closest with, and not always in your best interest.  They will build pretty newsletters (sometimes) and will dazzle with affiliate terms and all the ways you DON’T want to build your program.  Where some of these agencies fall down is building a proactive and measurable strategy to grow your business.  They can hit “approve” or “deny” and get banners loaded for you, but a lot of times it doesn’t go further.

When you hire a Multi-Channel Performance Marketing Agency you are getting a partner that is working alongside you and your marketing to drive the exact same KPIs that the entire organization is being held to.  When you work that closely with an agency, sharing the same toolset for search, social, affiliate, mobile and more, amazing things start to happen.  You can access your customer with uniform messaging and use consistent goals to acquire them.  Everyone logs into the same media management and attribution tracking, and an agency such as ours can add tag management solutions for your site to make adding marketing scripts and code super easy.  We can add extra hands to strategize, to analyze, to synthesis, and to act on those insights.

You Can Do All Of This Yourself

Can you do all of this yourself? Of course.

If you do this yourself you are going to need affiliate tracking, search management tools, attribution tracking, tag management, and a media partner payment solution.  You’ll need keyword generators, SEO tools, re-targeting tools, re-engagement solutions, site abandonment solutions, and traffic analytics.  To keep track of partnerships you should have a CRM, a note taking system like Evernote, a project management tool like Basecamp, and great accounting software for all of the partner payments.

In addition to the above technology you should have years of business development in the internet space, an affiliate rolodex for all of the contacts, sales skills, sales support, legal management for the agreements, as well as the background on how all of the above works.

Many do manage all of the above themselves, and many hire separate agencies to handle each channel.  The question remains, if you can have it all integrated and hit your goals as an organization in each channel, WHY!?  An agency like ours is going to be much less expensive, much more expensive, and hopefully delightful to work with.

We Don’t Have a Secret Sauce, Just a Highly Skilled and Motivated Team

We utilize many available technologies and don’t hide the fact that we work with them.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, but its meant to demonstrate just the few folks that help us make this happen:








Similiar Web





Affiliate Networks




Affiliate Window

Commission Junction

eBay Performance Network


Site Tools

Ve Interactive



Reach Dynamics


We Offer More, Let’s Build More

As the Chief of Chaos and one of the Founders here, I can’t be more proud of our direction over the last 6 years.  When I look at the above, I am exhausted.  It took this long to get all of this neatly wrapped into a package for our Clients and to then expand into multiple service offerings.  We take our reputation personally and your business seriously.  I’m so pleased to offer you our expanded services offering, and to grow your business with our industry-leading experience.  Let’s do business and build more.  We’ll do the heavy lifting.


Matt Frary

Chief of Chaos/Co-Founder