What does the workplace of 2019 look like?

The work environment continues to evolve as companies look to their employees to help direct the culture and business practices of the organization.

To guide our future, SmarterChaos has established a number of committees that employees have the option to join.   The aim of these committees is to bring a holistic approach to the organization and our goal is to empower employees to take ownership in shaping our company culture. The philosophy is really to create the company together. We are all winners if we finish the race together!  As Chief of Chaos Matt Frary says, “I think that the more our employees shape our culture and get involved in these committees, the more they really own our outcomes.”

#commloyalty — Client happiness is the key to a successful business.  This committee looks at retention and growth for current clients

#culture — The focus of this committee is to create a fun and engaging workplace.

#growth — The purpose of this channel is to provide company growth and opportunities for new revenue streams.

#personalgrowth — Do you have ideas for activities or classes that can help us grow our skills and knowledge?  This is the committee that looks at ways to achieve career and personal growth.

#technology — Keeping on top of systems, services and new technology.

#giving — What charities can we support and how can we make an impact on the world around us? Giving is ingrained in the history of our company.  This committee looks at past contributions and looks at new ways to help those around us.

#talent — Identifying, attracting and retaining the top talent in the industry.

#health — How can we keep fit and motivated from both a physical and mental perspective? Because if you have a healthy body, you have a healthy mind.

SmarterChaos has established Slack channels for each of these, so the committee members can communicate their thoughts and ideas more easily!

Stay tuned for updates on our progress.