LLC procures marketing firm to expand client offerings and design capabilities

Castle Rock, Colo., December 23, 2019 – Today, LLC announced the acquisition of marketing firm and long-time creative partner, Mindflint Inc. This addition propels the SmarterChaos long-term growth strategy forward, with further capabilities to provide clients with unparalleled marketing services backed with decades of experience. LLC is a digital marketing agency providing customer acquisition services for Fortune 1000 clients. With a growing need to pull full time creative services in-house, acquiring the Mindflint design team will allow the agency to provide their clients with a broad range of marketing services under one roof. 

“SmarterChaos has experienced extreme growth in the past decade, and needed a creative firm that we could trust to scale alongside us with the same customer-centric values and ethics that MindFlint has,” said Matt Frary, Founder and CEO of LLC. “There are tens of thousands of creative agencies that we could work with, but none that approach a project with the thoughtfulness and creativity that MindFlint brings to a project. Our clients will be delighted by this addition, and pleased in their daily interactions. This is all part of a larger plan to become the biggest, little agency on the planet.”

Founded in 2004, Mindflint Inc. is a strategic marketing agency that provides an integrated approach to branding efforts by leveraging their design and creative capabilities. Working hand in hand with clients to guide them through the creative process, the Mindflint creative team will lend their expertise to SmartChaos clients, expanding current SmarterChaos offerings to include: Website & Logo Design, Branding & Content Strategy, Email Marketing, and Creative Consulting Services.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to lock arms with the incredible team at SmarterChaos. After a decade of ‘growing alongside’ one another, we finally realized that we could do way more together than separately. Not only do our skills complement one another perfectly, but more importantly than that, our values — the pillars on which we’ve each built our companies — are in total alignment. I’m truly excited for each of our clients, as well as the ones we haven’t even met yet, to experience the benefits of this new partnership,” said Nate Schaub, Founder and CEO of Mindflint Inc.

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