SCOTTeVEST is clothing designed to organize digital devices with convenient access for active people on the go.

The family-run company’s clothing includes a special conduit system and pockets to hold all of today’s gadgets while organizing their wiring. SCOTTeVEST clothing allows the user to have adventures while still being able to access technology plus their built-in RFID-blocking pocket wards off hackers. 

Today, SmarterChaos is launching the affiliate program for this high-tech clothing company!

SCOTTeVEST, originally a modified fishing vest, has grown into a full line of clothing for today’s electronics with their “Pocket Science”. 

Pocket Science includes 10 key elements:

  1. The clothing must look good
  2. The pockets must accommodate the devices you want to carry
  3. The pockets should be hidden
  4. It must be easy to access your gear
  5. The weight is balanced for comfort
  6. Pocket contents should not print
  7. Pocket contents should be secure to prevent pickpocketing
  8. Wires and headphones must be managed
  9. Pockets should be designed to prevent items from falling out
  10.  Don’t add pockets just because you can

The brand has expanded beyond vests, including shirts, dresses, pants, shorts and skirts. Several items of clothing are available in tall and plus sizes. Prices range from $19 to $249 and all items are designed in the U.S.

Founder Scott Jordan started the company in 2000 in his guest bedroom when he was unhappy with his life as a corporate lawyer carrying way too many gadgets. In April 2001, he launched the first eVest 1.0 and began selling them online. 

Jordan pitched his ideas to “Shark Tank” in 2012 and became known as one of the most controversial episodes. He refused the Shark’s million dollar offer and walked away from a deal to give up part of SCOTTeVEST, only the licensing company TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing.  

In 2016, SCOTTeVEST launched its first national commercial and in 2019 they relaunched a completely redesigned website focused on customer images and experiences.

SCOTTeVEST’s Affiliate Program Details

Public Payout: 12%

Allowed: All traffic allowed

Accepted Countries: US only