SmarterChaos is partnering with the Lost Children of Peru

Our mission is to create prosperity in business and the world. An opportunity was presented to us this past summer to support an amazing cause. SmarterChaos is delighted to share our team’s God-given talents with the Lost Children on Peru, in hopes of providing knowledge and help  to build a technology-based future for their children.

Today we had the privilege of sitting in our cushy rolling office chairs while we listened to Kevin Campos’s story of hardship growing up as an orphan in Peru. Kevin was born two hours outside of Lima and like many went with his family to the city with hopes of getting an education and finding work. However, this was not the reality he faced in Lima, he was raised by a single mother, and when she could no longer take care of him and his siblings, she was forced to put them in an orphanage. Kevin was lucky enough to be adopted by Larry Goode, the founder of the Lost Children of Peru.

In 2008, Larry was on a mission trip to the Huacho orphanage. While there, the orphanage ran out of money and had to close their doors, leaving all the children on the street. Larry was only able to personally take care of Kevin and one other boy named Pocho.  After selling everything he owned, he moved to Lima to open the Lost Children of Peru. Since 2010 Larry, his sons, and the Lost Children of Peru have been changing the lives of thousands.

The reason Larry has been able to reach so many children is simple, and there are millions of them. Peru’s population is about 32 million, the city of Lima holds 10 to 12 million of that population. This makes Lima the 27th most populated metropolitan area in the world. The children growing up in the more rural regions around Lima are told a story, “Get to Lima, the city of opportunity.” Sadly, parents will relocate their families or send their children to Lima for a better life and come to find out about more than 35% of Lima are slums with crime and extreme poverty. Many children will get to the city and not be able to find their way; they get stuck and become victims of the harsh living conditions and corrupt people.

Larry called his first building Casa De Luz, meaning House of Light. There the children are given food, clothing, housing, and the knowledge of God’s love. The children are taught values and morals, but as we all know, “Knowledge is Power.” In their case, knowledge is freedom from poverty and a new beginning to a brighter future. Together with the board and a handful of compassionate people, Larry is trying to find a way to teach the children English and give them a skill that can help them on their journey to financial independence.

We hope to bridge the gap between the scarcity the children experience and the abundance of the digital world.

Matt Frary

Founder of SmarterChaos, Chief of Chaos

We at SmarterChaos are sharing time and efforts to help the children find a path through the digital world. Helping them to learn some simple marketing skills, SEO, and graphic design could change their lives and give them a goal to work toward. We would love to see these teens become stable enough to turn around and support the younger children through their journey. Giving is the best gift, and our team has much to offer.

SmarterChaos is grateful to Kevin for sharing his life and mission with us. Kevin’s story is moving, and we hope to be able to give the support needed to bridge the gap between the scarcity the children experience and the abundance of the digital world.

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