LLC – Castle Rock, CO 9/16/19 – The Premier Affiliate Marketing and Online Performance Management Agency is pleased to announce the launch of our exclusive affiliate program with Alleyoop.

The name says it all: beauty and body products that set you up to score. Alleyoop makes products that keep up with real. busy. women. Born from the frustrations of a busy, career-focused woman on the go and inspired by hundreds of women across the country, Alleyoop is empowering women to spend less time on their beauty routines and more time on what drives and fulfills them. 

Alleyoop’s ethos has a non-negotiable focus on smart, efficient products addressing multiple benefits, designed and packaged for maximum portability and usability. The innovative products were crowdsourced by a focus group of 200 women who had daily conversations via the messaging platform Slack with Alleyoop’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Leila Kashani, and her team. The result is a curated suite of products informed and inspired by real beauty frustrations women experience daily.

Body Care Line:

  • ALL-IN-ONE-RAZOR: Shave anywhere anytime with a refillable water spritzer and moisturizing bar to soften your skin and hair pre-shave, plus two triple-blade razor cartridges. 
  • SLOW YOUR ROLL: Aluminum-free, all-natural deodorant with a unique blend of 100% organic essential oils that keep you fresh all day and naturally slow hair regrowth over time. 
  • SMOOTH OPERATOR: A stubble-softening body lotion packed with Vitamin A, C, E and jojoba oil to hydrate your skin and soften stubble. 
  • SPOT ME: A clear formula that uses essential oils to reduce bumps, blemishes, and ingrown hairs effectively and gently – in one clever, easy-to-apply product.
  • BOTTOMS UP: Water-based body cleansing cloths that are fragrance-free, flushable and biodegradable. 

Beauty Line:

  • PEN PAL: Four essential makeup products – a black eyeliner, shimmer highlighter, mauve lipliner and brown eyeliner – in one easy-to-use, easy-to-stash click pen.
  • MULTI-TASKER: Four essential makeup brushes in one easy tool – a sponge for concealer plus blush, brow, and eyeshadow brushes. 
  • SWIPE LEFT: Easy to stash and use wherever, these acetone-free, odorless nail polish wipes keep your cuticles soft and hydrated
  • TIP OFF: Liquid-filled makeup removing swabs that tackle your makeup mishaps on-the-go.

Whether it’s at the office, in an Uber, on the subway or a flight, all items are TSA-approved and intended to be used wherever and whenever needed. Alleyoop is a paraben-free, sulfate-free and cruelty-free brand, and all packaging is optimized to include the same amount of product as others on the market while taking up less space in your bag or on your countertop.