SmarterChaos and the Performance Marketing Association

SmarterChaos is pleased to announce that after two long years, the Performance Marketing Association has released an industry-wide study providing a real idea of the magnitude affiliate marketing represents in the industry. Data now reveals that affiliate marketing is worth a whopping 6+ billion dollars. The PMA partnered with the PricewaterhouseCoopers has also compiled a massive amount of key metrics to help marketing professionals understand and shape the future of marketing solutions.

The PMA collaborated with eight of the industry’s top affiliate/performance networks:

Together with the PMA, performance network information has become fundamental to US performance in the marketing industry.

What is the Performance Marketing Association?

The PMA is a non-profit trade association. Their goals are to hold the marketing industry accountable, grow, and develop how business is performed, and keep the best interests of companies in the performance marketing industry. They are imperative for the success and advocacy of performance marketing.

The study not only showed how much money consumers are spending on affiliate marketing but where its impact is the largest. The most significant growth by sector went to retail. Retail Ad Spending and Revenue dominated, and the Return on Ad Spend was 12:1. However, as the millennials become the primary consumers, the PMA discovered they are spending their money on experiences, such as travel, concerts, and sporting events. The PMA revealed that travel came out on the top of the Return on Ad Spend chart.

The PMA released information from a study conducted by Forrester Consulting. This study showed that over 80% of advertisers and publishers have an affiliate program. Forrester also estimated that the affiliate marketplace would be worth 6.8 billion dollars by 2020. Content and bloggers are leading the affiliate marketing world. Brands are continually seeking reliable and reputable content to fuel their sales.

Another popular trend is influencer marketing. The projections show that in the US alone, billions of dollars will be spent on Instagram influencers in the next year. This influencer affiliate relationship has become lucrative for brands to grow and build brand awareness to a much wider audience. However, influencer marketing and affiliate marketing have made it difficult for brands to compensate on conversions.

The PMA goes on to talk more about the importance of affiliate marketing. They also address how mobile commerce is exploding and marketing should be targeting that traffic in their campaigns. The Performance Marketing Association and this study have provided us with vital information to the ongoing success of our clients and grow as a top Partner Marketing Agency.


To see this study follow this link to the PMA website.