PepperJam, the World’s Largest Performance Marketing Company names SmarterChaos.com a Pepperjam Preferred Agency

Castle Rock, CO – September 9th, 2016 – SmarterChaos is proud to announce that PepperJam has named SmarterChaos a Preferred Agency, thereby providing the Digital Agency unprecedented access to technical resources, account management, recruiting tools, and access to hundreds of thousands of affiliates across their entire platform. “Preferred Agency” status at PepperJam is just another feather in SmarterChaos’ already loaded cap.

“When we look at agencies across the performance marketing landscape, SmarterChaos.com is one of those with dedication to client management, marketing excellence, technological innovation and strategic vision,” said Michael Jones, CEO, Pepperjam. “PepperJam is happy to partner with agencies like SmarterChaos to provide clients with Best-In-Class technology and service across our preferred agency program. It’s been nothing short of an amazing experience working with SmarterChaos.”

– Michael Jones, CEO, PepperJam

Many Advertisers are looking to optimize their relationship with networks such as PepperJam who can provide access to marketing resources and channels via their vast network of affiliates. A partnership such as this allows Advertisers to bring on an Agency such as SmarterChaos to leverage efficiencies, technologies, and cross-campaign knowledge.

“We are so pleased to be more closely aligned with PepperJam as we seek to provide our Client’s with best-in-class performance marketing resources. Many agencies dream of being able to offer their Client’s this level of publisher access, technology support, and strategic planning that we now have at our fingertips. We are truly blessed thru these types of partnerships with PepperJam and their Performance Network.”

– Matt Frary, Chief of Chaos, SmarterChaos.com

Affiliate Marketing is becoming one of the primary digital channels of choice. According to Smart Insights, a UK independent survey, 40% of Online Marketers quote Affiliate Marketing as being the most desired skill. According to Marketo and a survey conducted by Fanatics Media, 70% of Chief Marketing Officers claim that Affiliate Marketing is the least developed skill set in digital marketing.

SmarterChaos has been recognized 2 years in a row (2015, 2016) as Inc 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies in America, moving up the list year over year. This is due to strategic business relationships with networks, publishers and an unwavering dedication to the Client’s success in the Affiliate and Performance Marketing eco-system. The Executive Team at SmarterChaos has a combined 50+ years of Affiliate and Performance Marketing experience, helping to shape the industry from its infancy and always moving the Client’s programs forward with the latest in strategic and value-added services.

About SmarterChaos.com

SmarterChaos offers its Clients the deepest industry-wide strategic markeing with dedicated account managers, affiliate recruiters, account planners, and operational effectiveness. They manage the largest brands online to enjoy a profitable affiliate channel and they grow the sales and customer base of their Clients. SmarterChaos is widely recognized as the leader in digital marketing, customer acquisition, affiliate management, and technical advancement in online marketing. For more information on SmarterChaos.com and our family of performance companies, visit http://smarterchaos.com.

Headquartered in Castle Rock, CO, SmarterChaos.com is a portfolio company of Managed Chaos which also manages the blogger network She Is Media, the Influencer platform Pollen-8.com, the design firm SmarterCreatives.com, and the Automatic Chaos marketing dashboard software.

About Pepperjam

Pepperjam provides brands and retailers with the resources and confidence needed to promote their brand and grow their business. With products and services supported by decades of commerce experience, and the leading affiliate network in the world, it connects data and analytics across all performance channels and devices to generate creative solutions.

Headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Pepperjam is a global provider with offices in London, New York, Philadelphia, Santa Cruz, Sydney, Tempe, and Toronto. Pepperjam is a portfolio company of Banneker Partners and the Permira Funds.