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SmarterChaos’ pay per call solutions accelerate real time lead generation to drive our clients more customers, more revenue, and an increased ROI.

Pay per call advertising is a form of performance marketing in which an advertiser pays publishers for quality calls they drive to the advertiser.

Payment is typically determined by call duration or call conversion.


Our call solutions utilize state-of-the-art technology to track, record, forward and account for every call. Calls can be pre-screened via an IVR, automatically forwarded to the advertiser, or sent to a call center where potential customers can be further qualified.

Pay per call marketing extends beyond digital advertising because it can be used in print, TV and outdoor advertising since it routes potential customers to a telephone number instead of an online presence.


Pay per call allows our clients to provide customer service via the phone at the time of the lead and combines direct response marketing with branding.

The immediate connection of customer to company can increase conversions five fold over click-through display ads leads. The conversion cycle is also reduced with specific case studies showing average close rates at 14 days per click and one day per call.