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We build profitable performance marketing channels


SmarterChaos specializes in building profitable performance marketing channels for major advertisers that drive customer acquisition and positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Since 2010, we have launched and grown more than 300+ profitable customer acquisition programs for high profile brands, as well as innovative startup companies.

We are the industry leader in digital performance marketing


As an industry leader in digital performance marketing, we have access to more than 23,000 advertising affiliates across multiple networks to support your online campaigns with connections to quality partners and proven, comprehensive digital marketing solutions

An Integrated Approach to Affiliate Marketing


Big brands choose SmarterChaos for end-to-end campaign success. Our team is experienced and qualified to represent and build online campaigns through targeted performance digital marketing strategies. We offer an integrated approach to Affiliate Marketing, CPA Lead Generation, Paid Social Media, Paid Search, Influencer Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and more.

Our Proprietary Platform


Our proprietary platform (AutomaticChaos) utilizes technology and tools to recruit media partners and measure campaigns across channels with focus on CPA and maximizing revenue for our clients.