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On November 13, 2013

New Ellie Collection – Where The Heart Is

Ellie’s November collection Where The Heart Is has recently launched!


Do you want to feel good AND look good? Ellie has quality products that accomodate and moves with any/all fitness routines and each one is designed to be as stylish as you and your readers!

If you’re like many of us, just the thought of that holiday spiked eggnog will add pounds to your waistline, so you’re going to want to keep your fitness regiment in regular rotation. An average class of spiked eggnog is about 250 calories and 9 grams of fat….that’s about 45 minutes of moderately intense jumping jacks!!!

Don’t deprive yourself of Aunt Bea’s sweet potato casserole or Grandma Betty’s pecan pie. Have a scoop/slice and enjoy your family feast then know when you hit the gym/pilates studio/spin class the following Monday, you’ll be comfortable and stylin’ in your Where The Heart Is Ellie Collection.

Before the holiday’s hit keep yourself and your readers in great LOOKING shape….Ellie offers you just that!

Ellie outfit 1  Alter Ego Reversible Tank/Cuddel Up Capri   Ellie outfit 2NightRider Top/Cool Down Capri


Ellie is one of our most popular campaigns. The launch of one of their collections is always high anticipated and Ellie pieces can sell out quick.

Online Lead

$10 Payout

15 Day Referral  Period

Payout is 30 days after the end of the month

Campaign Creatives offered: Email, Online Tracking Link, Banner, Promocode,

Sign up link http://member.impactradius.com/advertiser-campaign-info/Ellie.brand?c=1664 


Please contact me with any questions.

Have a great day!

Ryan Reichl


Brand Manager

O: 720-583-1136 x904

C: 414-510-7201


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