keep calmI’ve had a lot of self-reflection and I’m continuing to try to motivate, inspire, and grow myself.  In the process, I realized that this company just like any company should be a reflection on US or the collective group.  The collective individuals that make up this company are greater than the sum of the parts.  We each contribute to it, we each have the same amount of accountability for the success as we do the negatives.

Negativity is a POWERFUL influencer for the worse.  When we start a task and say to ourselves or others, “this will never work,” we are saying I don’t want to try.  We are shutting down the conversation and we are saying to the others because I don’t want to do it, you are going to fail too.  Boom, done.

When we start a task with “I’ll make it happen” or “we’ll get it done” it is inclusive and tells everyone that you are going to do your best to achieve the goal.  Every conversation whether it be internally, with a Client, or in our personal life should be with a “make it happen” mentality #makeithappen.

I’ve asked our team to begin and end meetings with this mentality.  There is no reason that we can’t do what Clients are asking or to help them see a better way to do things.  Our organization is going to choose to make it happen, to get it done, to do things that others say are impossible.  If you are one of our Clients, please know that if we are going to get it done we need you to join us.  Make it happen.

We will only employe those people that are here to help us out and grow as individuals and as a team.  We will only work with Clients willing to make it happen.  We won’t throw this word “team” around lightly, but everyone here will find out what it means to be on a team.  You have to continuously work to “start” on this team.  You have to keep a positive attitude, and you are always proving your contribution.

It’s not what you have done, it’s what you are going to do.  #makeithappen – Chief of Chaos

If you are the type of person that this post would offend, then you don’t need to be on our team. Let me be clear.  There are those that are inspired by what we are doing, and there are those that will try to detract and start an discussions on what we aren’t doing or try to get others into their camp of negativity.  If you are going to find everything that is wrong with the way that this industry is broken or how we can’t succeed, move out of the way!  We are going to prove you wrong and move along.  If you are going to try to get our team focused on something other than our mission.  Find another team.  If you can’t find another team, don’t work with us.  Anything else is a cancer.


If you are the type of peron that gets a charge from this post, that gets energized by other people being excited, I WANT you on my team.  I want you here at SmarterChaos either helping our Clients or one of our Clients helping us win.  I’ll pull for you, fight for you, live for you, and we’ll enjoy this journey together.  There should be nothing that stops us.  We will hit bumps, but when we are doing it together we can absorb it together.  I absolutely APPRECIATE you and I love the people on this team.  Who is going to join the journey and fight alongside us!

Be on the right side.  Your choice, but make an active choice.  #makeithappen

GOOD MORNING!  Let’s go and make this company awesome.


We will #makeithappen

Chief of Chaos



ABOUT THE COMPANY: is the premier digital performance marketing and affiliate program management agency online.  SmarterChaos manages large branded customer acquisition programs using affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, paid search, social media, programmatic media, re-targeting, re-engagement and much more.  SmarterChaos was founded in 2010 to build profitable customer acquisition campaigns for our Clients more efficiently and effectively than they can do or themselves.  SmarterChaos is located in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Matt Frary, the Chief of Chaos at SmarterChaos, is an entrepreneur and speaker in the digital marketing and online customer acquisition space.  Matt has been running affiliate programs since 1999 when he started at and throughout his career at MSN Autos, The Integer Group, Mercedes Benz, and other startup companies. After graduating from Thunderbird, The International School of Management with a focus in Brand Management and Finance, he founded in 2005 and built one of the top 25 Affiliate Marketing Networks according to mThink and Revenue Magazine.  Matt has focused on building companies in the digital marketing space that drive value for his Clients and that protect the brands that he is entrusted with.  Most recently Matt has founded,, and  Matt is a Member of the Performance Marketing Association and he lives in Colorado and skis often.