A call to arms for all businesses to flatten the curve and prosper in a new marketplace.

As a small business, we are all trying to navigate the effects of the pandemic. We want to get out of the corner that we have been backed into with the Coronavirus and start fighting for the future.

“Nobody wants to be a business leader in a global crisis,” said Matt Frary, Chief of Chaos at SmarterChaos, a customer acquisition agency. “However, if you are truly compelled to lead, you lead from the front during a crisis, and from behind during prosperity.”


First we can lead in the community by simply following the CDC’s recommendations regarding COVID-19. 

Then we can lead the charge by signing the #stopthespread and #leadboldly pledges with more than 1,200 other tech executives nation-wide to help our society innovate from a distance to “flatten the curve” faster. 

Read about the pledge here.


Let’s use our vast amount of resources to change the narrative to one of growth and prosperity. The government has given us a mandate to stay inside, wash our hands, practice social distancing and not travel. We need another mandate: a business mandate to charge onward, support one another and thrive. 

We lead by continuing to employ people and prosper for our clients remotely.


Nobody knows the larger impact of the COVID-19 virus on society as a whole yet, but today you can look at the impact on your local community and help. Contact places like the city and state technology and business associations and find ways you can support and lead.

Join and support organizations like the Small Business Association and the local Chamber of Commerce


Connect to past and present national groups in your industry. FInd your college alumni business groups and participate in virtual meetings and in chat rooms. Start mastermind group meetings to come together and contribute to real solutions. Look for real steps to take to help prosper everyone. 

Make the call, send the email, ping leaders and ask to meet and get a simple plan with real results. Lend a hand to people who do not have the same resources. Share wisdom and information.

For example, the Thunderbird School of Global Management is banning together with some of its 30,000+ membership to make a Global Mastermind Group, pooling their resources of some of the best business minds in the world to tackle this issue. 

“Thunderbird always taught me to think globally, act locally.  After I saw how the pandemic was affecting my businesses and my community, I thought I would contact some of the best business minds I know globally to see how we can give back, support each other, and prosper through this,” said Frary about his Thunderbird alumni connections. 

“In times like this, our connections and our resources are the most powerful tool that we have to survive, and later, thrive.  Naturally, I thought that building a Mastermind Group comprised of thousands of Global MBA peers might be a good idea to work through this.  Give first. Be compassionate, innovate and ultimately realize we cannot do this alone.”

What groups are you a part of? Where can you mine information and influence for the greater good? Other groups to join is SCORE, The National Federation of Independent Businesses and industry and trade associations near you

Also, the US Chamber of Commerce has great tips to keep your employees safe.


The world has become small. No better example than a virus from a small market in China affecting the stock market in the US. Look for ways to get involved and offer relief and support on a global level through world organizations. If you are in media or marketing, offer your service for free to help spread public service announcements.