Salted is a new type of cooking school. So much has changed in the world of cooking over the last decade, but the way we learn how to cook has hardly changed at all. They believe there’s got to be a better way, and that a world class cooking education shouldn’t cost thousands, or even hundreds of dollars.

Salted is working with 100+ of the best chefs in the country to build something truly unique, a cooking education grounded in beautiful HD video, exclusive courses with celebrated chefs, and an elevated foodie experience that’s accessible to literally anyone with an Internet connection.

Salted has big plans,  here is what Jeff Applebaum the CEO and founder has to say about it!

What prompted the creation of Salted?  The realization that there’s been a ton of innovation in the worlds of food media, food technology, and chef celebrity, but there’s been very little improvement in terms of how we actually learn to cook. Online, there’s a tremendous amount of noise and not whole lot of trust. Meanwhile, people are spending $50+ on cookbooks, $150+ on cooking classes, and over $50,000+ at traditional culinary schools. The thought was that there needs to be some way to aggregate the world’s incredible culinary talents and create a platform that teaches home chefs in a beautiful, visual, affordable way. The vision from the start was to create that same caliber of education you get at a Cordon Bleu for $50,000 but offer it to our members for Netflix prices.

What is your role at Salted?  I’m the CEO and founder.

Where do you see Salted in 1 year? 5 years?  We want to be top of mind whenever anyone is thinking about learning to cook. We’re really just at the tip of the iceberg in terms of the way we’re going to be able to empower home chefs.

What is your favorite dish to make that you have learned from Salted?  Neal Fraser’s Day Boat Scallops with Succotash and Corn Veloute

What is the most popular Course in the Salted library?  Our How to Cook Bootcamp. It’s a great introduction to cooking for those are intimidated by the very prospect of picking up a knife.

What differentiates Salted from other culinary courses?  First and foremost, it’s the caliber of our chefs. As a Salted member, you’re truly learning from the best of the best. Similarly, the real value in attending a top tier university, like a Harvard, for example, is that you know they’ve attracted the brightest minds for their students. I think building a brand that pays the same sort of attention to the talent and credibility of our teachers is critical.

What is included in a Salted Subscription? Unlimited cooking classes, a VIP chef hotline to answer any culinary questions, downloadable recipes, and a host of other perks. More info at

How many tutorials does Salted add each month to its library?  We add between 30-50 new tutorials, 2-3 new classes, and 4-6 new chefs every month.

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