Jason Mollo Helps Big Blanket Succeed in Q4

Big Blanket Company sells the world’s largest and highest quality blanket. The Original and Woven blankets are 10ft x 10ft and the weighted option to be released in February will be 100” x 120”. They are priced between $199 and $398 and offered in many colors, designs, and materials. These blankets are perfect for picnics with lots of friends, snuggling up for a movie night with the whole family, and covering your entire king size bed. That’s right, finally a blanket to rule them all!

Big Blanket has been a client of SmarterChaos since July 2019. Together we have seen steady growth for the giant blanket company, but Q4 has been a sizzling success. With over 600% growth in sales, we are delighted to be a part of Big Blanket’s story.  There have been many factors in the ongoing advancement of this campaign. Awesome influencers, such as NBA superstar, Boban Marjanovic and coupon codes have helped Big Blanket sell hundreds of blankets each month.

In December, Jason Mollo, Big Blanket’s Account Manager here at SmarterChaos, turned up the heat on blanket sales working closely with affiliate partners to sell A WHOLE LOT of BIG BLANKETS!

Jason has worked hard to find the perfect mix of publishers to maximize target audience reach.  This type of market research is exactly what Jason loves about his job. Since starting at SmarterChaos, he has managed many different brands and product categories. Jason is a rockstar in brand management and product placement!

Hey Jason, What is your New Year’s Resolution at SmarterChaos?


My resolution for this year is to create and manage new relationships while expanding my industry knowledge. I am eager to implement more ways to find effective partners for my clients in all different channels from Influencer networks, rewards platforms, coupon partners, TM+ bidders, or content creators. The wide world of e-commerce is so exciting and I am thrilled to have the ability to grow with professionals in this space.


We are so pleased to have Jason on our team! He is enthusiastic, ambitious and goes the extra mile for SmarterChaos clients.

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