Pollen-8 Becomes Webfluential US After Ground-Breaking Joint Venture

Webfluential will be exclusively distributed by Beth Lazar, Matt Frary and their team at Webfluential US to better service companies within the US.

Webfluential, an influencer marketing platform, takes Influencer Marketing to a whole new level with access to 27,000+ opted in digital media influencers with measureable reach of 1,094,342,166 people across the globe. The technology offers Brands the ability to search, engage and collaborate effectively with influencers who perfectly fit their brand including verified reach to their target audiences. Webfluential insights track individual influencer performance and engagement across multiple social media channels providing best influencer campaign reporting across the industry.

“To be successful in the high growth US influencer marketing ecosystem, we had to cement a strong relationship with industry experts to put momentum behind the Webfluential brand. We’ve found that in the extensive team lead by Matt and Beth, and are excited about our prospects in adding value to this market together,” Murray Legg, Co-Founder, Webfluential.

Within the platform, Webfluential uses IBM’s Watson technology to look at the dimensions of content that matter most to a Brand’s audience and helps recommend the most influential personalities that should drive the conversation about your brand. “The artificial intelligence built into this platform is a game changer in the influencer tool landscape. No one else is doing this.” says Matt Frary, Chief Influencer, Webfluential US.

“Webfluential’s platform has been the essential backbone of our influencer network and, based on that success, we have expanded our partnership to become the exclusive distributor of their software in the US. We look forward to offering the Webfluential technology as a streamlined solution to all marketers looking to start influencer marketing or to simplify their current chaotic influencer marketing campaigns,” Beth Lazar, CEO, Webfluential US.

About Webfluential US: Webfluential US is the exclusive distributor of the Webfluential technology in the United States. We offer a platform that assists influencers with building interesting and authentic content to drive traffic to their own site or social media platform and allows Brands to monitor and measure results of that content.

For more information about how Webfluential US can help you manage an influencer program for your brand, visit webfluential.com.