041-josef-katz-sanctriHave you ever considered building an app? Do you have questions about how to break through the noise and get your app noticed in a crowded market? With more people using apps on their smart phones and iDevices every day, just building an app is no longer a direct line to success. App builders have to successfully market their products as well.

If you are looking for tips for growing a social media app in a crowded market then invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of Chaos Makes Sense where your host Kimberly Henrie interviews Matt Frary, CEO of SmarterChaos and special guest Josef Katz, a long time online digital marketer and CEO of Sanctri.

Awkward Moments turned Successful Social Media App

The episode kicks off with Josef sharing a little about his background in online marketing. His early days in the industry began working in text-based emails with a developer. Over the years he kept riding the wave of what comes next, picking up new skills and utilizing smart marketing practices along the way.

Then Josef segues into how he “went from EDU to RIP”. After some lighthearted ribbing about jokes that transition between education and death, Josef takes listeners through the process that led him to create the Sanctri app.

Getting tagged in someone’s post or seeing a birthday announcement for someone on a social network like Facebook is not uncommon. When the target of the tag or announcement is someone who passed away, then it creates an awkward situation.

Josef and his team used these awkward moments as inspiration to create an app that allows users to continue the conversation about someone’s life after they’ve passed away. That social media app is Sanctri. Initially a social media app, it has carried over into other platforms such as Android and iOS.

The app is more than a way to continue someone’s life story, but also a way to continue the legacy they started before their passing. Sanctri has features that allow grieving loved ones to celebrate a departed individual with donations to charity in that person’s memory.

Social Media and Memorializing Death

Next Matt and Josef talk about how to break out the message about what an app is about in an overcrowded market. People use apps on their phone about 80% of the time versus a web browser. Josef points out that the competitive market is definitely one of the greater challenges.

The benefit Sanctri has over other apps is that people will come back to it as a way to remember loved ones around special holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other special events.

As Matt points out, hitting “LIKE” for a page memorializing someone’s death is awkward, and this app provides a more socially conscious alternative. While Facebook is taking steps to change that, Josef informs that there are still a lot of challenges to overcome.

During the podcast, Matt and Josef also discuss these points:

  • How do changes at Facebook affect an app like Sanctri?
  • What is the best way to share a new app with friends and family?
  • Where are some other online places besides Facebook to market an app?
  • Should I just link my app directly to the Android or iOS store?

Are You Looking for Ways to Market a New App?

Do you plan to release a new app in this overcrowded market? Do you want tips on how to get your app to stand out among the competition? Then listen to Matt Frary and Josef Katz on this edition of Chaos Makes Sense as they give expert advice to help you market your social media app. After the podcast, please come back here and share your feedback. We look forward to discussing it with you.

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