JP Sauve - PhotoYour host Kimberly Henrie talks with Matt Frary, Chief of Chaos for and JP Sauve, CEO at about how to build a #1 ranked CPA Network.

Is CPA marketing a strategy that’s right for your business? Do you want to boost the revenues of your affiliate marketing program? Do you want to build a high-ranking CPA network for your business?

If you haven’t seriously considered high paying ad campaigns for performance based affiliate marketing, then your business could be paying the price.

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition (or Action), and each month businesses receive big payouts for generating leads for various advertisers offered through the CPA network. Does this sound like an offer that might benefit your business?

If you’re interested in how using a number-one ranked CPA network can boost your affiliate program, then invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of the Chaos Makes Sense podcast where your host Kimberly Henrie interviews Matt Frary, CEO of the leading outsourced affiliate agency SmarterChaos and JP Sauve, CEO and founder of, a number-one ranked CPA and affiliate network about how to build and use a number-one ranked CPA network.

How CPA Networking Has Changed in 10 Years

MaxBounty turns ten this year, which is a lot older in “internet years” than in human ones. The episode kicks off with JP giving an overview of how things have changed in that time. He explains how he and his brother started as affiliates, and the steps they took to transition to an ad network. Matt chimes in that MaxBounty was one of the first CPA networks that he signed up for, and the experience was his first with these types of networks in general.

JP goes on to reflect on how things were in the early days of MaxBounty, including a company that offered software which allowed anyone to come on board and create a CPA network. Matt points out that even one of his ventures competed head-to-head with Max Bounty for a short time. Even with the competition, MaxBounty has been the only one to exist for an entire decade.

If this CPA network sounds like one that could bring more revenue to your business, then every day that you wait to sign up you’re losing money.

Benefits of Using CPA Networks in Affiliate Marketing

MaxBounty satisfies both sides of the affiliate and advertiser coin. JP describes networks that satisfy one side or the other before seguing into how his CPA network complements both areas. During the podcast he also answers these questions:

  • What level of service can I expect from a CPA network like MaxBounty?
  • How do changes to the affiliate marketing industry affect CPA networks?
  • What are the actions or acquisitions mentioned in the “A” of CPA?
  • What should I look for when choosing a CPA or other affiliate network?

Now think about your current affiliate marketing strategies. Do you use a CPA network as part of your campaign? Does your affiliate manager understand all the benefits associated with using a CPA network? If the answer to either one of these questions was “No”, then it’s time to take another look at your affiliate marketing strategies.

Thinking of Joining a Network? Do Your Homework First

Next JP discusses what someone should do before signing up with an affiliate network. He shares that there are so many affiliate opportunities out there, that someone who hasn’t done their homework could wind up in a CPA network that he refers to as a second or third tier network. JP goes on to explain the benefits of choosing a first-tier network from the start.

Matt chimes in that a first-tier CPA network like MaxBounty won’t even work with his company, SmarterChaos, unless certain conditions are met that benefit the affiliate marketer. He explains additional reasons why affiliates should choose first-tier networks, and agrees with JP that the only reason an affiliate would know how to spot a first-tier network is to do their homework.

First-tier CPA networks, like MaxBounty, have whole teams of people who just answer affiliate questions. Your competition will not hesitate to use these networks to their advantage. Why aren’t you doing the same?

JP then segues into a discussion about the MaxBounty Affiliate Rewards program. The current contest runs from November, 2013 until March, 2014 and rewards top affiliates with a trip to Hawaii where they will engage in a massive exchange of ideas with the upper echelon from the affiliate industry.

Are You Ready to Join a First-Tier CPA Network?

Do you want to better understand how a CPA network can benefit your affiliate program? Would you like to join higher payouts with the potential to achieve big rewards with an experienced CPA network? Listen to the entire episode now, and then if you have questions or comments we invite you to share them in the space below.