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“When we look at agencies across the performance marketing landscape, is one of those with dedication to client management, marketing excellence, technological innovation and strategic vision,” said Michael Jones, CEO, Pepperjam. “PepperJam is happy to partner with agencies like SmarterChaos to provide clients with Best-In-Class technology and service across our preferred agency program. It’s been nothing short of an amazing experience working with SmarterChaos.”

Michael Jones
CEO, PepperJam

“I have worked with Matt Frary and his team and I am thoroughly impressed with their knowledge of the industry and ability to run structured and disciplined media partner outreach initiatives. Overall a great team of people and 100% trustworthy in my experience which is very hard to find in certain parts of our industry.”

Per Pettersen
Founder – Impact Radius

“After working with LinkShare for close to 3 years we moved our affiliate program to SmarterChaos and the Impact Radius platform. If only we had started working together sooner! It is a breath of fresh air to work with the SmarterChaos team. They care about our business and work with us as partners. Our goals are taken seriously and the team works to achieve or exceed them. Together we solved various marketing and business challenges the affiliate channel brought to our business. Even though our requirements were a bit different than a traditional affiliate marketing programs the SmarterChaos team found a way to create a program that worked for our business.”

Josef Katz
SVP Marketing, Straighterline

“With the help of The Smarter team,, Jingit and Kraft Foods rolled out the “Fighting Hunger Together” online awareness campaign. “Working with the Smarter Chaos team, the quality of traffic and the target demographic was a perfect fit” according to Sean Hendrickson, Director of Publishing at Jingit. I would highly recommend Smarter Chaos to help brands achieve online performance while maximizing customer reach and quality users. Not only did the Smarter Chaos team help us deliver on this important initiative, but helped grow overall support for the Jingit community.”

Sean Hendrickson
Director of Sales,

“SmarterChaos is a breath of fresh air in the online marketing world. Matt and his team are redefining how media is bought and sold in a big way. It is a pleasure to collaborate with such a creative and intelligent team and I look forward to working with SmarterChaos for years to come.”

Paul Roberts
Director of Business Development, Logical Media

“We are very optimistic about this partnership and have chosen to team up with SmarterChaos on our affiliate program to leverage their deep connections in the industry and scaleable affiliate recruiting and management techniques. We have known Matt Frary, CEO, for many years and he has built a leading agency in this space.”

Chris Seahorn
VP of Marketing,

“MaxBounty has always searched for the best Advertisers in the Affiliate Marketing world to work with. We pride ourselves on the quality of the Advertiser and the Campaign. SmarterChaos has consistently brought our Network top notch brands and helped us work with those Advertisers DIRECTLY to better understand our space. We’ve worked with the Founders of SmarterChaos in various capacities in the past, and their latest iteration as an Agency is just one more testament to their integrity and ability to help change our landscape for the better.”

JP Sauve
CEO, Max Bounty

“The team at Smarter Chaos has been an invaluable partner to OPTIZMO! Based on client feedback from mutual customers, I can confidently say that Smarter Chaos is an ethical, innovative, and compliance minded agency of consummate business professionals. Smarter Chaos has a knowledgeable team, well versed in the intricate inner-workings of digital media and they go the extra mile for their clientele.”

Kris Thayer
CEO, Co-Founder, Optizmo

“SmarterChaos was instrumental in helping expand and scale the BeachMint Affiliate Programs using the Impact Radius platform. This enabled the ability to launch new brand affiliate programs efficiently. They delivered on every promise to date and have been great ambassadors of our brands helping to establish credibility and professionalism in an industry mired in volatility.”

Dirk McGregor
Director Customer Acquisition, Beachmint

“The affiliate world can be extremely difficult to navigate without a company like SmarterChaos. I commend their commitment to providing advertisers with compliant and fraud free traffic sources. Smarter Chaos is a trailblazer in implementing the latest technology to provide the highest quality leads and the most comprehensive service to their advertisers. We are excited to have them as a major partner in eliminating online lead fraud!”

David Sendroff
President, Forensiq

“SmarterChaos was great to work with to grow our lead volume! They were very involved and engaged with us on a regular basis. We appreciated that they also valued top quality and monitored their publishers on a regular basis. They were consistently professional and managed our traffic with a watchful eye. We definitely recommend SmarterChaos!”

Lev Barinskiy
CEO, Insurance Agents

“SmarterChaos will work their asses off for you. I’ve been continually shocked by how many publishers they know in such diverse arenas; TV, Radio, Search, Display, Incent, Social, Video – and they have a bunch of great channels in house. Consider your affiliate program; exploded.”

Andrew McDermott
Derby Jackpot

“SmarterChaos is a leader in the performance marketing industry. Performance marketing offers brands an unrivalled opportunity to optimize and scale campaigns rapidly, find new customers and achieve guaranteed ROI. But brands need expert help in order to get it right – SmarterChaos provides it. SmarterChaos is a game-changing agency, built to deliver results while keeping ethical practices and brand compliance at the forefront. Nobody knows more about performance marketing than Matt Frary, and in SmarterChaos he has created an industry-leader solution provider for major brands.”

Chris Trayhorn
CEO-mThink, Founder-RevenuePerformance, Revenue Magazine

“SmarterChaos is an innovator and market leader. Their full service solution and quality service is unmatched. I highly recommend SmarterChaos services and team.”

Andrew Degenholtz
President, ValueMags

“SmarterChaos is an innovator and market leader. Their full service solution and quality service is unmatched. I highly recommend SmarterChaos services and team.”

Andrew Degenholtz
President, ValueMags