Deal Taker and 4 Legged Friends

SmarterChaos has a long list of affiliates for advertisers to work with, bringing them many different platforms to work with. One of our favorite affiliates is Deal Taker. They are a website built to bring you the best deals and coupons on the web from the world’s top retailers. Check out their social media also.

SmarterChaos is so lucky to work with amazing affiliates such as Deal Taker. However, this message is much closer to the hearts of our company, then just a great business partnership. Deal Taker’s owner is also on the board of directors at the Colorado Animal Welfare League. She was recently informed that the Humane Society of Grand Bahamas was in dire need of financial assistance.

Dorian, a category 5 hurricane has left the northern islands of the Bahama’s in total devastation. The recent photos and video footage that has been rolling out after the storm subsided are unbelievable. Dorian is the strongest storm on record to hit the Bahamas. Deal Taker, The Colorado Animal Welfare League, and The Kohn Foundation are partnering to raise money and send aid to the Humane Society of Grand Bahamas.

We know the HSGB had over 200 animals before Dorian hit, many were left by their owners thinking they would be safer there. Sadly, as updates came in, there was a point when six volunteers were trapped in neck-high floodwaters while waiting to be rescued themselves. It was thought that the animals would not make it. After days of no communication, Tip Burrows, the director of HSGB was able to confirm all the volunteers were safe, and 75 dogs and about 50 cats were rescued. Unfortunately, the shelter is destroyed. The HSGB needs help to care for, find the owners, and rehome these loved pets.

SmarterChaos is so thankful to work with Deal Taker and support them as they give back in such a big way. The animals and the humans have been through so much the last five days, if you can find it in your heart to give to this amazing relief fund please do so here.