SmarterChaos is growing up again. Over our six solid years of growth in digital marketing, SmarterChaos has experienced both highs and lows in managing our clients. Our management team is clear that clients may not stick around forever, whether that decision is on behalf of the client or our own, sometimes we simply outgrow each other. What we are committed to as a team is fully understanding why that decision came to be.

Our commitment to our clients stems from the advocacy of our CEO and his dedication to operating the most ethical, passionate,  innovative customer acquisition agency in the industry. To that end, I’m proud to announce that we are launching a new initiative that focuses specifically on the experience of our clients – from beginning to end – to ensure that we continue to innovate and lead the industry.

The code name for our new initiative is “Project Pickle” on recommendation from our most clever Media Partner Coordinator, Amy Geier, who was familiar with the “Give ‘Em the Pickle” concept from a prior position. In a nutshell, the story goes that a frequent customer at a restaurant was given a free extra pickle with his order for years, until the day that a server requested that he pay for the extra pickle. He wrote a letter to the owner of the restaurant saying that, while he had been a regular customer for years, he wouldn’t be returning due to that customer experience.

Customer Experience

Going forward, we will be listening to our clients to identify your pickle. Continuous improvement on the customer experience will be one of my new roles in addition to providing technology solutions to support that experience. I look forward to the continual improvement and success for which SmarterChaos has always been known.

Beth Lazar
CTO/Chief Customer Advocate