039-theresa-farmer-hitpathHave you ever considered using technology for performance marketing? Were you confused about which one to use? If you make the wrong choice about the technology you use, then it could cause your performance marketing campaign to have unwanted results.

If you want to learn about how to choose the right technology to market your business then invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of Chaos Makes Sense where your host Kimberly Henrie interviews Matt Frary, CEO of SmarterChaos and special guest Theresa Farmer, COO for HitPath, a multi-channel tracking technology for affiliates.

What is HitPath and How Can It Help You?

This episode of Chaos Makes Sense kicks off with an update about what’s going on at the SmarterChaos offices since the last podcast. The company has been doing a lot of what Matt refers to as internal soul searching in regards to their processes, scaling, streamlining, and more.

Matt and Theresa go back a bit. Before HitPath, Theresa started out in email marketing in the mid-1990’s. Her history with affiliate marketing was born out of a need for her business. She had a specific technology created and, upon seeing its success in her own work, took a chance on selling it to other businesses. It was so successful that Matt introduces her as the “Founder of Affiliate Marketing”.

Theresa has spent the past two decades in the affiliate marketing industry. Her company was a little ahead of its time in the marketing and e-commerce aspects. During the podcast Theresa shares what inspired her to share the technology that led to her success.

The Biggest Change to Affiliate Marketing Since It Began

Next Theresa sums up the number one thing that has changed the affiliate industry since it first began two decades ago. She says that affiliate marketing is finally at a point where companies are getting the concept and the conversation about it flows easier.

Matt chimes in and agrees, sharing what SmarterChaos sees from the agencies that work with them. He explains that agencies now have marketing departments that can build and sustain programs that are specific to the company, as well as maintain their own relationships in regard to distribution. Where a middle-man came in handy in years past, today that step is often sidestepped altogether.

The conversation then segues to the topic of HitPath. Theresa defines it as a multi-channel tracking platform. She points out that while other companies might use the same description for their platforms, HitPath is different. She goes on to outline how HitPath differs in regards to third-party staff, attributions to the right resources, and more.

If your company is in need technology for performance marketing, then as Matt points out using HitPath could help you comprehend a wide range of actions that come through your website.

How HitPath Benefits Affiliate Marketers

During the podcast, Theresa talks about all the things HitPath can take care of for your business. She also answers these and similar questions:

  • What separates HitPath from platforms that do similar functions?
  • How does HitPath meet the individual needs of its customers?
  • What’s working and making a profit for affiliate marketers?
  • Where should affiliate marketers put their efforts?
  • What should affiliate marketers track on their websites?

Could HitPath Give Your Marketing Campaign a Boost?

Do you have a need for technology for performance marketing? Could your affiliate marketing benefit from a multi-functional tool that handles a wide range of features? Invest 20 minutes to listen to Matt Frary on Chaos Makes Sense now. Then share your questions and comments below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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