Strategic Launch and Management of the Manscaped Affiliate Program drives Performance at Scale



Manscaped is the #1 brand in men’s below the waist grooming and hygiene. 

They engaged SmarterChaos to launch and scale their affiliate program on Impact. They came to SmarterChaos with the primary goal of building their affiliate program as quickly, efficiently, and economically as possible.

Manscaped had lofty performance goals and SmarterChaos continuously exceeded expectations.


SmarterChaos, in partnership with the team at Manscaped implemented an initial strategy that included promotions on a multitude of premium sites.

With a balanced approach of cashback/loyalty, social and viral marketing and TM+, SmarterChaos would help Manscaped ramp up the number of affiliates in the program very quickly.

Additionally, cutting edge creative assets were provided by the advertiser to assist in all marketing efforts.



The Manscaped Affiliate program launched in December of 2017. Within the first 30 days of being live on Impact, the program drove 636 sales and over $24,800 in revenue across 14 different media partners. In the initial 30 days of the program there were 22 conversions on average per day with a conversion rate of over 28%.

The program has continued to grow since it’s launch. In August, 2018, the affiliate program yielded over $110,000 in revenue with 1787 sales across 42 different media partners. With a website redesign, rebrand. new product launches, and creative refresh the program continues to have healthy affiliate engagement and a conversion rate between 10 and 15%.

“The talented team at SmarterChaos spearheaded the creation, execution, and scalability of the Manscaped affiliate program. Their professionalism, trust, and commitment enables SmarterChaos to operate as a true extension of our team.”

Ryan Fiore

– Vice President of Marketing, Manscaped, Inc.