B GREAT uses the natural benefits of full-spectrum hemp and formulates it into balms, lotions, tinctures, and liquid shots to bring you overall good health. These products, developed by a team of scientists, medical practitioners, and ex-pharmaceutical visionaries, are delivered right to your doorstep.

Today SmarterChaos is proud to launch the hemp-based brand as its newest affiliate offering. We love the high-quality health benefits this brand offers.

B GREAT is made with CBD, or cannabidiol, a naturally-occurring substance found in hemp. It is one of many “cannabinoids,” a series of closely related compounds that interact with the human body’s endocannabinoid system to help regulate our overall physical health.

All of the ingredients are natural, grown in the USA, produced in FDA-registered facilities, and are all third-party lab tested. These high-quality products are sourced from non-GMO plants and grown pesticide-free.

Founded by veteran business executive Barbara Goodstein, B GREAT was developed to satisfy the need for a top-quality, transparent hemp product.  A seasoned executive in the cannabis space with experience having served on the board of directors for KushCo Holdings, Goodstein tapped into her vast network of formulators, suppliers, distributors, and marketing executives to create B GREAT.

The core set of B GREAT products, ranging price from about $14 to about $65, include:

  • Hemp Lotion and Balm
  • Hemp Oil
  • Beverage Shots – Relax and Focus
  • Lip Balm
  • Soft Gel Capsules
  • Antioxidant Cream
  • Relief and Recovery Cream
  • Hemp After Shave

All of the products are packaged in titanium to ensure the efficacy of the hemp-based, full-spectrum CBD.  Additionally, B GREAT is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, and all of its packaging is fully recyclable.

The easy-to-use online shopping experience allows the user to navigate the products, which are shipped FREE, by their benefits: Energy & Focus; Relief & Recovery and Calm & Relaxation. 

There are also products bundled together: Day & Night Bundle for $99; Stress Relief Bundle for $89; CBD Skincare Bundle for $79 and the Father’s Day Bundle for $39. 

They stand behind their product with a money-back guarantee.

B GREAT’s Affiliate Program Details

Pay Rate: 20%  of net sales amount

Allowed: Bloggers; Contextual; Display; Email; Media Buys; Networks; Promo Codes; ReTargeting

Accepted Countries: US only

Conversion Tracked Upon: Last Click

Click Referral Period: 30 days

Payout Schedule: Approved Transactions are paid 15 days after they lock