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AutomaticChaos is our in house SaaS platform designed from the ground up to automate SmarterChaos agency processes and improve our team’s ability to focus on increasing revenue for our clients while enabling full transparency reporting to our clients.

Streamlining Our Process

Agency Tools

  • Tools focused on mass importing of opportunity data allow us to cast a wider net when fishing for new sources of performance media
  • Automated reporting ensures consistency across clients as well as the most up to date performance and opportunity across all of our systems
  • Notifications and dashboards provide reminders and status updates to management to ensure appropriate team focus across all clients
  • Automated search tools allow team members to quickly identify contact information for newly targeted media partners streamlining the process required for targeted content sites specific to a vertical

Reducing Data Entry and Ensuring Full Transparency

Background Integrations

  • Real-time and background integrations between major digital marketing tracking platforms and our CRM has improved production by 30% by eliminating manual reporting and data entry
  • Increased transparency by ensuing accuracy and completeness within client reporting