LLC – Castle Rock, CO 7/2/18 – The Premier Affiliate Marketing and Online Performance Management Agency is pleased to announce the launch of our exclusive affiliate program with Succulent Studios.

Succulent Studios is a farm in Fallbrook, California where hundreds of succulent and cacti species are organically and consciously grown. As second generation growers with a deeply rooted passion (pun intended) for environmental sustainability, Succulent Studios takes pride in growing these hardy little plants using only organic media and fertilizers.

While succulents are found all over the world, many places in the U.S. that don’t fit a “semi-desert” climate don’t see many naturally growing succulents. But, since succulents are so hardy, they will thrive wherever you are! Just make sure they get about 6 hours of daylight and keep them indoors during colder months.

Inside your Succulent Studios subscription box are 2 succulents from their second-generation nursery in Fallbrook, CA. They’ve hand selected these two from the hundreds of different types of hardy succulents and cacti grown right at their nursery to provide you with the most stunning, unique, and healthy new plant friends!

Each succulent comes planted in a 2.25″x2.5″ black plastic pot that is carefully secured within the cardboard box. Your succulents will be healthy and happy in those pots for a few weeks up to a couple months, at which point you may want to repot or plant them (be sure to use cactus soil) so your succulents will continue growing.

Your subscription box also comes with information on each plant along with some basic care instructions. Take a moment to review the information card, especially if you’re new to succulent parenthood!

Pay Rate: 5% of Net Sales Amount

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Accepted Countries: US

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Payout Schedule: Approved Transactions are paid 10 days after they lock

Click Referral Period: 30 days

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